An Ultra Premium Brake Line Targeted For The Global Aftermarket

TM Series

Advanced Metallic

TM Series offers coverage for latest model applications while delivering effective solutions to installers as well as outstanding performance and durability to drivers.

G1 Series

Advanced Ceramic

G1 Advanced Ceramic Brakes are formulated to provide optimal and reliable stopping performance, excellent fade resistance, low dust, quiet stopping and stable friction performance across a wide temperature range.

G5 Series

EuroSport OE Spec Low-Met

G5 EuroSport OE Spec Low-Met Brakes are equipped with special "Clean Wheels" low-met formula, engineered to provide ideal vehicle control, quick response and comfortable driving experience as intended by European OEMs. All part numbers are ECE R90 certified by UNSE, and only made for European vehicles. (Benz, Range Rover, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Volvo, VW, Alfa Romeo, Mini, etc)

G7 Series

UltraQuiet OE Spec Ceramic +

G7 UltraQuiet OE Spec Ceramic Plus Brakes represent our best ceramic technology based on extensive R&D. G7 series is engineered with "ISO-Positive" Molding, multi-layer rubber shims with 3M adhesive, anti-rattle kits, high percentage kevlar fibers mixed formula etc. For performance enthusiasts including luxury vehicle, fleets, law enforcement, that in need of absolutely quiet driving, safely and smoothly stop.

G9 Series

Heavy-Duty Never Fade

G9 Heavy-Duty Never Fade Brakes deliver exceptional braking performance in severe conditions. G9 series are exclusively engineered and designed to withstand extreme heat, heavy duty operation, frequent stopping, and towing.  (Full-size SUVs, MPVs, HD Trucks, Taxies, Fleet

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