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Application Specific Premium Coated Rotors


Best Brakes’ Premium Quality Black is an Electro-Coated® rotor resulting in a highly corrosion resistant finish that eliminates potential oxidation in critical areas.

Electro-Coating offers better uniformity, higher density, and less permeable coating than spray applications.

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The GEOMET® coating is obtained from a water-based dispersion of zinc and aluminum flakes

The PQB provides uniform coating thickness over all area including sharp corners, recesses, and areas that would be hard to reach with spray painting

GEOMET® has been specifically formulated to protect brake discs against corrosion. The brake disc surface can be totally treated with a coating at a thin layer, still providing high performances without any influences on braking characteristics.

The coating enables to assemble the brake disc on vehicles with out pre-degreasing. The corrosion protection of GEOMET® on the hub mounting surface makes brake disc dismounting easier.

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